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Jump Water Heater Installation Service (Not Included Water-Electric Set up) by vFIX

Jump Water Heater Installation Service (Not Included Water-Electric Set up) by vFIX

SKU: 60274731

Warm baths safely Confident in every use With a water heater installation service By a professional technician team from the VFIX that has been trained based on skills from the Department of Skill Development Have expertise and experience in many technicians With the installation warranty for 180 days

SKU: 60274731
฿ 500.00 /EACH


คุณจะได้รับ ≈ 10 คะแนน



Product Information


About the product
  • is a water heater installation service instead of the original machine. Or a new device that has already wiring and ground wires. wall And connecting the water heater to the wires and ground wires.
  • This service does not include wiring, grounding and circuit breakers. From the Department of Skill Development
  • 180 days after installation (in the case of normal use)
  • The installation period is approximately 3-4 hour (depending on the area of ??the workplace)
  • 2 technicians.

Equipment items other than the standards that must be Pay more if needed.

  • VAF 2x2.5 SQ.MM. Price 30.-/meters
  • VAF 2x4 SQ.MM power cable Price 40 .-/meters
  • VAF 2x6 SQ.MM. Price 50.-/meters
  • VAF 2x10 SQ.MM. Price 70.-/meters
  • Ground cable thw 1.5 Price 20.-/meters
  • Stainless steel strap, length 120 cm. Price 150 .-/Line
  • River in (soft cable) length 40 cm. Price 100 .-/Line
  • Story+box price 250 .-/set
  • Sucking+box price 480.- /Set
  • Circuit 30 amp Price 300.-/body
  • Power cord cover #4 plastic price 70.-/meters
  • Rod (ROD) size 60 cm. (Not including wires). Price 500 .-/Set
  • PPR 1/2 & quot pipe; Price 150.-/meters
  • PPR 3/4 Price 200.-/meters
  • PPR 1 Price 250 .-/meters
  • PPR 1/2 , 3/4 , 1 Price 60.-/body
  • PPR 1/2 & quot pipe joint; Price 200.-/body
  • PPR 3/4 & quot pipe joints; Price 250.-/body
  • PPR 1 & quot pipe joint; Price 350 .-/body
  • PVC pipe size 3/8 - 3/4 White, price 70.-/meters
  • PVC pipe size 1/2 Blue price 50.-/meters
  • Valve turn off the water, size 1/2 Price 120 .-/Body
  • *Price of equipment above Is a price that includes wages.
  • *In the case of excess equipment, customers bought themselves Charge the installation 50% of the price of equipment

Working steps
1. Installation . To suit the size of the water heater
1.2  Check the power of the wires that are prepared
1.3  Check the product before installation
1.4  If there is additional differences, other than specified, the technician will report the matter to VFix and will confirm the price with the customer before the installation.
2. Strong>
2.1  Piercing the wall by choosing the right tools and flowers Hold the water heater into the installation position. The height of the floor is about 1.6 meters. In the case of the house, there is no grounding system. The mechanic team will wiring out at least 0.50 meters deep (by considering additional costs)
2.3  Close the water valve and connect the shower with the water heater in the water release area.
2.4  Check the water pressure and try the various leaks.
3. />3.1  Test water temperature
3.2  Check the electric shock protection device by pressing the button Test If the device is normally shut down and press reset To make the machine work as usual
3.3  Check the neatness of the power and ground line at the connection point
3.4  Check the water pipe system without leakage. />4.1  Open the breaker before use. And close every time after use. And use the shower valve as an open water To keep the amount of water entering the machine consistently
4.3  Removing the filter cleaning before entering the machine regularly To prevent scrap materials blocking the flow of water
4  Adjust the temperature to the right level, not too hot.

Installation service conditions
1. In the case of having to drill plaster Smooth, the company proceeds to drill in the installation position. (Not including ceiling and color)
2. In case of not being installed Because the customer has not prepared the area or not notifying the postponement before the date of 2 days in advance. The company would like to charge 300 baht/time.
3. Walking and various pipes will be floating only.
4. Standard equipment Which includes the installation fee of the company in the actual use only
5.  Company We reserve the right to deliver unused equipment and cannot be exchanged for